Norton 360

Powerful anti-virus and anti-malware tool that protects personal computers from malicious attacks

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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Norton 360
Norton 360 2.0

The antivirus on your computer has become one of the most essential elements of your digital security because without it, a hacker can easily slip past your computer's defenses and infect you with a Trojan, virus, malware or worm. That's why installing an antivirus system on your computer has become one of the most important things that you can do, and you can find many of these software systems for free. For example, Norton 360 is one of the programs to offer free software.

Protection for All Devices

With the basic Norton Antivirus, you can only protect your Windows devices, but Symantac Norton Security as the Deluxe package offers you protection for your Android, macOS, Windows and iOS devices. For a Windows user, this adds the essential firewalls for protection, but bothers you with obnoxious popups.

The Complete Security and Performance Solution

With Norton 360, the software delivers on every promise that it should, but we can't necessarily say that Norton 360 is perfection, nor does the design work for everyone, but for those whom it does work with, it does a phenomenal job. You have excellent features built into the system, and you have wireless security tools to help. The user experience feels much better than either McAfee Total Protection or Windows Live OneCare. This system works much better than Norton Internet Security 2007 because it's lighter on the tools and the system resources so that it doesn't slow down your computer. In fact, everything has been integrated better, and you have a much better design than before.

How the Interface Looks

We like Norton 360 because the interface looks both intuitive and clean. You have an intuitive and no-nonsense setup, and the toolbar sits over the top to scan the sites you might click on. This is important because sometimes the sites you're visiting might be known for viruses. You will see the rating for how the site has scored in terms of security. Some of the key modules in this include Transaction Security, PC Security, Backup and Recovery and PC Tuneup. Each module displays a color-coded status, and you have a brief explanation.


In terms of features, Norton 360 looked at the old Norton Internet Security, Norton Antivirus, Norton Confidential, Norton SystemWorks and Symantec, and they returned to the drawing board. The new design lets us see a complete renewal from the ground up. As a result, Norton 360 feels far more fluid than ever before, and even the Symantec LiveUpdate, which occasionally felt clunky, has now been made more intuitive. Norton 360 also has tools to defragment the hard drive and clean the temporary files. It also takes care of the clutter. All in all, this is a great setup that can keep your system free of viruses.


  • A new redesigning from the ground up.
  • The old clunky feeling of the design has been fixed.


  • Be careful about the ads because you can end up downloading more programs than you want.

When it comes to choosing the best anti-virus protection for your computer, Norton 360 is a clear front runner that merits your consideration. Consistently ranked in the top 3 in the suite category, 360 is praised for its reliability, customer support and effectiveness. Therefore, it's no surprise that the software remains as a popular download.

Surfing the Internet still has its risks, but has also become safer. The evolution of Norton's anti-virus software keeps it relevant among users and has allowed the software to continually improve. Norton's protection program has become so effective, the company was able to patent its technology. The exclusive software is now able to detect online scams and threats that originate from websites and social media platforms almost instantly, and warns you accordingly.

Live Updates do not interfere if they occur while you are working diligently on your computer at that time. You may hear your device working a little harder, but you won't be slowed down. Updates are automatic and installed as soon as they become available ensuring your software is up-to-date and able to handle the latest threats.

Sometimes users will visit websites they have trusted in the past or just seem to be free of any threat. In case any of those sites turns out to be a wolf covered in sheep's clothing, any attempts by that site to install malignant programs or download detrimental software, Norton 360 will put up a block. In other words, Norton 360 is able to recognize and protect you from harmful web content in an instant. Additionally, 360 blocks spam and phishing attempts.

Norton 360's suite not only protects your computer from malicious attacks, it will also back up your files to the cloud in case they are ever compromised. Knowing your files are safe makes restoring your computer a simpler process. 360 can also help you clear up your hard drive. This feature frees up space and memory and, thus, helps your computer run at optimal levels.

In head to head comparisons, Norton 360's help and support goes toe-to-toe with its competitors, so if one day your computer does become infected under Norton's watch, help will be available.


Live updates do not interfere with computer's operations

Installation is fast and easy, just follow the prompts


If software is not renewed, the computer instantly becomes a target for viruses

Some versions don't uninstall completely

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